AWS CloudFront


A/B Testing with Lambda@Edge - Imagine you have a static website or a Single Page Application served through the CDN. You want to experiment two versions with actual users.


A Green/Blue deployment to AWS - CloudFront requires the CNAME in the distribution config to be unique across your entire account. So controlling blue/green via DNS to different distributions will not work. There is a hack rolling around that would use wild cards but that makes no guarantee that the correct files are served. Controlling blue/green via DNS and CloudFront is not feasible.



Designing the Perfect Elasticsearch - Cluster design is an overlooked part of running ElasticSearch. Official documentation and blog posts focus on the magic of deploying a cluster in a giffy, while the first problem people face when deploying in production is memory management issues, aka garbage collection madness. This guide answers most questions I was asked, and summarizes everything you should know about designing the perfect ElasticSearch cluster.